V’s BTS Members Are The People He Can’t Live Without

V shared just how much he loves his members in the “Break The Silence” finale.

What would life be like without BTS? For V, there is no life without his members.

After seven emotional episodes, BTS’s Break The Silence docuseries has come to an end. In the finale, the members shared their thoughts on friendship, the future, and more.

To V, BTS’s members aren’t just his friends; they’re the people he wants to be with always.

“Right, not only are they dear to me,” V said, in an interview segment. “but they are people I can’t live without…”

“…because when we fall, I don’t get back up by myself.”

“We all rise up together.”

V’s members have been by his side through thick and thin…

…providing love and support in his hours of need.

“There were times when I couldn’t get back up on my own two feet,” he said.

“The fact that we were getting back up together…”

“…was a great source of strength for me.”

With friends like these, you never walk alone!