BTS’s RM Proves To Be A “Broke Millionaire,” Reacting To The Current Price Of His Favorite Snack

“That’s excessive.”

Bungeoppang (also romanized as bunggeobbang), a fish-shaped pastry stuffed with sweetened red bean paste, is a beloved street food in South Korea, especially during the winter.

The BTS members also enjoyed this snack as they reunited, eating it together while filming a Samsung ad. Chaos ensued as they got excited over the fish-shaped pastry.

BTS’s leader RM especially likes bungeoppang! He has mentioned it to ARMYs on more than one occasion.

He even included a windchime that appeared to be modeled after the snack in his merch collection. ARMYs also helped him name the item, inspired by bungeoppang.


Now that the weather is chilly in Korea, the favorite winter snack was naturally brought up during RM’s recent live broadcast via Weverse.

BTS’s RM | BTS/Weverse

RM was astounded to discover that bungeoppangs had risen in price! He exclaimed and covered his mouth in shock.

IT’S ₩1,000 KRW (about $0.76 USD) PER BUNGEOPPANG THESE DAYS?!… That’s excessive. Way over the line.

— RM

RM is proving to be a true broke millionaire along with the rest of his members! Check out another of the group’s “broke millionaire” moments below.

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