Brown Eyed Girls’ New Album Will Comprise Of Remakes And Fans Are Not Happy

Fans are very unhappy as they expected more.

Brown Eyed Girls is gearing up for their first comeback in 4 years since “Brave New World”.

There has been a new development in their comeback news, however, and fans are not happy about it.

On October 20, Brown Eyed Girls’ producer, Jo Yeong Cheol uploaded a post on his Facebook account, where he confirmed that all 10 songs on the album would be remakes of their past great hits.


For Brown Eyed Girls’ new album (“RE_vive”), “Come Closer” is a very meaningful song, but for the purpose of this album, we will be reenacting our past great songs. Throughout the years that I’ve worked with Brown Eyed Girls, this is a project that I’ve always wanted to work on with them. Remakes are often interpreted as works that only solo vocalists can carry well, but I was curious about how their vocal combination and team identity would feel, and I wanted to hear it.

He also divulged information about the album’s musical style, the names behind the workings of the albums and both MVs for the comeback, and concluded with saying how he hopes fans will support them because Brown Eyed Girls’ songs are timeless, precious and have not been “tarnished with time”.


Fans however, have been left rather disappointed as they expected 10 new songs in their comeback album.

Now i’m 95% less excited for this


I wish they’d said that earlier. Its going to be interesting to hear what these songs will sound like a decade or more after they were originally made, but its disappointing when you’re expecting completely new songs.


The way they waited for everyone to be hyped up for their “comeback” to announce this…


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What are your thoughts on this new information about the group’s comeback?