BTOB’s Changsub Instagram Post Might Be A Message To Fans Regarding Ilhoon’s Departure

He wrote a sweet message.

On December 31, Cube Entertainment announced BTOB member Ilhoon‘s departure from the group after his illegal drug controversy.

Since then, the members have stayed pretty quiet with only the group’s leader, Eunkwang, posting a sweet message to fans. Other than that, the members have not spoken out; however, Changsub‘s recent Instagram post on January 3 has fans speculating it was a message for them regarding Ilhoon’s withdrawal.

Changsub posted a screenshot picture showing that he was listening to their song “It’s Okay.” For those unaware, the song contains inspiring, supportive, and comforting lyrics. Along with the photo was the caption: “Happy new year. I hope you will be happier this year. Yejiapsa (a slogan created by the group that means ‘I love you in the past, present, and future’).”

This time has been extremely hard for Melody (BTOB’s fandom name) so it’s great to receive any message of support from the members. Whether or not the message was alluding to Ilhoon’s removal, fans are happy to hear from the members.


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