BTOB Will Reportedly Not Renew Contracts With Cube Entertainment Due To Trademark Disputes

Cube wants money in exchange for the trademark.

BTOB will reportedly not renew their contracts with Cube Entertainment due to issues over the BTOB trademark.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Chosun, last week, the members of BTOB decided they would not be renewing their contract with Cube Entertainment. The reason is not related to the down payment that the company would be required to pay the group, but instead, it was over the payments BTOB would need to make to Cube Entertainment if they were to keep their trademark.

Sports Chosun noted that the BTOB members were working with Cube Entertainment to negotiate the use of BTOB’s trademark, but during these negotiations, Cube Entertainment demanded an undisclosed percentage of the team’s revenue in exchange for allowing BTOB to use their trademarks.

Previously, it was reported that five out of the six BTOB members would depart from Cube Entertainment. Cube Entertainment briefly commented on the report.

BTOB’s Status With Cube Entertainment Up In The Air Following Contract Expiration

Source: Sports Chosun