Cube Entertainment Comments On BTOB’s Contract Status

Cube Entertainment has spoke.

Cube Entertainment has commented on BTOB‘s contractual status following earlier reports.

In a statement from Cube Entertainemnt to Xportnews, the agency commented on the contractual status of the BTOB members.

The contract between Cube Entertainment and some of the BTOB members has not yet concluded so we plan on doing our best until the end of the contract.

We understand that the BTOB members are working through this situation with an open mindset, looking at various options.

— Cube Entertainment

Cube Entertainment also commented on the rumor that other agencies are offering ₩6.00 billion KRW (about $4.44 million USD) in guarantees for the group should they transfer.

The amount mentioned in the article has nothing to do with our company’s position related to the matter.

— Cube Entertainment

Earlier today, Ilgan Sports reported that five out of the six BTOB members have not yet renewed their contracts with Cube Entertainment.

BTOB’s Status With Cube Entertainment Up In The Air Following Contract Expiration

Source: Xportnews