Coldplay’s Chris Martin Wants BTS To Win At The “2022 GRAMMYs” As Much As ARMYs, Cementing Their Iconic Friendship

It’s even bigger as they’re both nominated in the same category!

Earlier in the month, it was announced that BTS was once again nominated for the “Best Pop Duo/Group,” at the 2022 GRAMMY Awards. Alongside this nomination, the group is also part of the lineup set to perform at the annual music event.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

In particular, ARMYs have had mixed reactions to the news due to the treatment of the group by the GRAMMYs. For years, journalists, music critics, and fans have accused the GRAMMYs of snubbing BTS. Despite being one of the most accomplished pop music acts in history, BTS has struggled to receive a single nomination, let alone win an award.

Yet, this year, many fans hope it might be different. Alongside ARMYs rooting for the group to finally win at the event, one other person has recently been vocal about his support for the group, and it’s none other than Coldplay‘s Chris Martin. Since their collaboration for the track “My Universe…”

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ARMYs can’t get enough of the interactions between the two groups.

BTS and Coldplay | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Chris Martin recently showcased that the love and respect between the two groups are definitely still there. The group’s lead singer recently appeared on the Exa 96.9 FM radio show in the Dominican Republic. During the episode, Chris and the host spoke about the upcoming GRAMMYs event.

In particular, they spoke about how Coldplay’s track “Higher Power” is going up against BTS’s “Butter” for the “Best Pop Duo/Group” category.

| @dalbitbangtan/ Twitter
| @dalbitbangtan/ Twitter   

Firstly, Chris explained how the way the award show worked meant that their collaboration track “My Universe” wasn’t nominated this year but that, hopefully, it would be up for something next year.

| @dalbitbangtan/ Twitter 

Yet, it was his next comments that struck a chord with ARMYs. The host then explained that BTS had surprisingly yet to win an award at the event. He added that as Coldplay had several wins in the big categories, was he rooting for BTS to win their first? Chris’s answer proved how close they are.

Of course man (I’m rooting for BTS) I love them. I love those guys and I just wish them good things, always.

— Chris Martin

| @dalbitbangtan/ Twitter 

When the clip was released, ARMYs couldn’t get over just how supportive Chris Martin was being and that, even though awards were on the line, his love for the group was bigger. In particular, it showcases just how natural and genuine the friendship between the two groups is.

Yet, it isn’t the first time Chris Martin has been praised for his vocal love for BTS. In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Chris couldn’t stop gushing about the group.

For something that could seem so artificial, it turned out to be one of the most real feelings. I genuinely love those people.

— Chris Martin

| TheEllenShow/ YouTube 

With the 2022 GRAMMY Awards set for next month, hopefully, both groups can meet up again and treat ARMYs to even more wholesome reactions. You can read more about the friendship between Coldplay and BTS below.

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