BTS Fans Spot An Unintentionally Funny Detail In “7FATES: CHAKHO”

They’ve connected the dots.

BTS‘s new webtoon, 7FATES: CHAKHO is full of intriguing details, and one of them has fans taking a trip down memory lane.


In this urban fantasy story, seven young men with complicated pasts band together to face supernatural creatures known as “Beom.” (“Beom” is the Korean word for “tiger.”). The plot is inspired by real-life tiger hunters from the Joseon Dynasty, and the characters are as unique as the members who play them.

BTS battling Beom in the webtoon’s concept art. | HYBE Labels/Youtube

In a series of new promo videos, BTS personally introduced their characters’ backstories. Some of these characters are human, while others are something more. Jimin‘s character, Haru, started life as a rock.

| 7FATES: CHAKHO by HYBE/ YouTube   

Yes, you read that correctly. A rock that once guarded the gate to the beom’s world became human and joined the beom hunters. Does Haru remind you of anyone?


Back in 2015, during BTS’s “Run” promotions, Suga jokingly said, “I want to be a stone in my next life,” when asked how he feels about exercising.

Over the years, Suga’s quote inspired countless memes. Even his members reference the joke now and then.

I want to be born as a rock in the next life so I don’t have to do anything.

— Jin narrating Suga’s inner monologue

We should have turned him into a rock.

— V

So, in a roundabout way, it feels like Jimin has actually been cast in the role of Suga!

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