K-Drama Companies Want To Cast BTS’s V, But Can They Afford Him?

This “rookie actor” doesn’t come cheap.

BTS‘s isn’t planning to return to acting any time soon, but many production companies are hoping for his comeback.

In 2016, V made his acting debut in the historical K-Drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. He played the role of Suk Han Sung, a young warrior with a bright and warm personality. To date, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth is V’s first and only K-Drama.


It has been five years since V debuted as an actor, but according to a recent Star News report, V is receiving love calls from numerous K-Drama production companies. His appearance fee is reported to be around ₩200 million KRW (about $177,000 USD).

This is nearly half of what one of K-Drama’s most in-demand veteran actors, Kim Soo Hyunis paid per episode. Kim Soo Hyun made his TV acting debut back in 2007, as a supporting character in Kimchi Cheese Smile. After 14 years in the industry, his fee is reported to be around ₩500 million KRW (about $441,000 USD).

Kim Soo Hyun (top right) starred with Seo Ye Ji in “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay”

V is still a rookie actor, but his talent and astronomical star power are guaranteed to bring in high viewership, should he choose to act again. For now, Big Hit Entertainment‘s (HYBE‘s) stance on BTS’s solo endeavors has not changed; “There will not be any individual activities.” According to the report, there were “many instances” where K-Drama talks “proceeded to a certain extent, but never moved forward due to team schedules.”

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