Big Hit Music Finally Updates BTS’s Weverse Picture… But ARMY Have Mixed Reactions

“Does this mean this sweet photo will start to mean…”

Since BTS released their anthology album PROOF in June 2022, Big Hit Music has used the same group picture for all of BTS’s updates since the image is automatically chosen from BTS’s Weverse header.

BTS | Big Hit Music

Although the members are undeniably handsome in the photo, fans were hoping to get more pictures of all seven BTS members, and as BTS’s “FESTA” is currently occurring, fans were gifted 14 new photos.

| Weverse

And with the new pictures, fans were excited to see that Big Hit Music has changed BTS’s Weverse header.

Fans are sharing their enthusiasm at the change on Twitter.

But as excited as fans are, there is some apprehension as fans are now voicing their hope that this new picture will only be used for “good news.

Fans have been getting tired of seeing the phrase “Hello, This is BigHit,” which has been used to announce everything from a member testing positive for COVID-19 to updates about BTS’s military enlistments.

Thus as much as fans love having a new picture for BTS updates, fans are hopeful that it will only be used for “good” updates, so they don’t start to “fear” seeing it too.

But, as it seems inevitable that the picture will be used for all updates, some fans are pointing out that fans will likely get some exciting and happy news with the same image. So there are certainly reasons to stay optimistic about the change.

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