BTS Isn’t Just Loved By Fan-girls

Fan-boys and little kids too!

BTS’s fanclub A.R.M.Y doesn’t just consist of fan-girls. BTS has captured the hearts of fan-boys as well as little children! Here’s proof.

Korea Gallup, a Korean company specializing in market research and opinion polls, conducted a survey on Idol Preference in 2018. And Korea Gallup got an interesting result.

The most popular idol pick for boys in their 10s was Red Velvet Irene; nothing too surprising here!

But what was unexpected was BTS Jimin taking 2nd place!

Jimin took 2nd place, beating BLACKPINK Jennie in 3rd place, TWICE Nayeon in 4th place, and IU in 5th place.

He was the only male idol to make it into the top 5 idols picked by boys in their 10s.

Not only that, Jimin came in 5th for idols picked by men in their 20s, again being the only male idol to make it to into top 5.

And needless to say, Jimin was the most popular amongst girls in their 10s and women in their 20s, taking 1st place for both.

All results combined, Jimin turned out to be the most popular idol overall! It’s the first time a male idol has taken that title.

And kids are not immune to BTS’s charm either!

After BTS performed at Osaka, Japan on the 23rd of November for their Love Yourself World Tour, a picture of this cute A.R.M.Y was posted on Twitter!

In the photo, this 5-year old can be seen dressed like TATA, a BT21 character designed by BTS. He’s holding onto a TATA doll, wearing TATA headbands and the same spotty onesie as TATA, which was made for him by his mom at his request.

Fans who saw this little A.R.M.Y at the concert and through social media afterward could not help but go “aww”.

  • TATA baby is so cute!
  • I thought the onesie was bought, not handmade.
  • I hope V sees this!

Really shows that age, gender and nationality doesn’t matter when there’s love!

Source: Girls Korea and Segye Ilbo