K-Netizens Are Both Crying And Laughing At The Current State Of BTS’s International Fans After Military Enlistment

It’s funny…but sad. 🤣

Recently, all of the BTS members have officially enlisted in the military.

BTS’s Jin, Suga, Jungkook, V, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope | @BTS_twt/Twitter

ARMYs are reminiscing the best times from the past decade…



…and they are totally in their feels.

One viral video from international fans made its way over to Korean netizens and is gaining attention for its hilarious yet sad feeling. As an ARMY removes the hair on the LEGO BTS dolls, she sobs.

| @giusketches/TikTok

Revealing the bald head underneath, this represents the members shaving their head prior to their enlistment. K-Netizens aren’t sure whether to laugh or cry at the adorable video, posting comments like “I’m sorry you’re crying but you’re so cute” and “It’s so sad but also so funny, so crazy.”

| @giusketches/TikTok

Another fan chose to put military helmets on their BTS LEGO set.

| @purityschaos/TikTok

Even in times of emotional distress, ARMYs are too funny!

| @purityschaos/TikTok
| @purityschaos/Twitter

All of the BTS members will be finished with their military service in 2025.

Source: theqoo