BTS ARMY Trend “8 BTS” On Twitter, But It Isn’t What You Think

Even some ARMY were confused.

Time and time again, BTS have continually proven themselves to be the biggest OT7 stans.


Even when working on solo content, the members always show their love for working as a group.

As BTS and the number seven go hand-in-hand, ARMY were confused when “8 BTS” started trending on Twitter.

Was the unexpected trend referencing BTS’s “eighth member?”

Was it simply a typo?

It didn’t take long for ARMY to realize that “8 BTS” was trending as fans shared their “eight BTS songs to get to know me.

10 BTS” was also trending for the same reason, as fans bonded over some of their favorite BTS songs.

It is no surprise that ARMY got the two phrases trending, given how eagerly fans were participating. But it certainly confused fans who weren’t sure what was going on.

But if one thing is for sure, everyone knows BTS is always seven.

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