BTS’s RM Finally Reveals Who The Real “Secret” Eighth Member Of BTS Actually Is

They didn’t even have to audition to join!

When it comes to BTS, there is always the phrase “BTS is 7,” and it seems pretty explanatory. There are seven members in BTS, and they are all as talented and important as each other. Without even one person not being there, it wouldn’t be the BTS that fans love.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Yet, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been hilarious theories about a possible eighth member. The invisible 8th member theory states that BTS often leaves a gap big enough for another person to stand in.

Although it has never been confirmed, many ARMYs have joked that there are several options for the eighth member, whether it’s V‘s dog Yeontan, actor Kim Seon Ho, and even Eric Nam.

Yeontan (left) and V (right) | Naver x Dispatch
Actor Kim Seon Ho and BTS | @kdramafolder/ Twitter
Eric Nam | DIVE Podcasts/YouTube    

Many even pointed out that at one point, BTS could’ve been eight during training as former BigHit trainee Kim Jihoon revealed that he spent many years with the boys preparing to debut.

Former BigHit trainee Kim Jihoon (left) and J-Hope (right)

Well, it seems like the big mystery might have finally been solved as someone has officially revealed his pick for BTS’s eighth member, and it’s none other than leader RM.


Recently, ARMYs worldwide have been receiving their BTS Fan Kit. Of course, to make sure nobody misses out, many have been sharing shots of all the members looking flawless AF.

Scans from the fankit | @sugaclair/Twitter
| @sugaclair/Twitter

Aside from the photos, there are pages where the members share special messages with ARMYs in Korean, English, and Japanese. Although all of the messages were heartwarming, RM’s stood out the most.

Of course, he shared a heartfelt message of ARMYs always bringing him strength and that the words he says can be a source of comfort while they are apart. Yet, it was his intro that really stood out as he revealed that the eighth member of BTS was actually ARMYs.

To ARMYs, the eighth member of BTS, thank you so much.

— RM

| @sugaclair/Twitter
| @sugaclair/Twitter

When the photo was shared, ARMYs couldn’t believe how adorable RM was being. In the past, some fans have made jokes about BTS not liking the eighth member, but now it proves it couldn’t be further from the truth. On social media, they shared their excitement at seeing the statement as it showcases the bond between BTS and the fans.

Many even pointed out that the bond is so strong because, in the past, BTS has been reluctant when talking about adding a new member. It seems as if they’ve had one all along, and it’s been ARMYs.

| WIRED/YouTube
| WIRED/YouTube

BTS and ARMYs have always had a special bond. Yet, the fact that RM addressed fans as part of the group showcases just how far their love and appreciation go. It now seems that if any celebrity wants to join BTS as the eighth member, the slot is now filled by ARMYs worldwide.

Source: @sugaclair

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