BTS’s Upcoming Track “For Youth” Is Dedicated To ARMY – Here’s Why The Title Alone Is Meaningful

“For Youth” is “PROOF” of how much BTS care about their fans.

Fans are eagerly awaiting BTS‘s upcoming anthology album, PROOF.

PROOF is a 3-CD album, and fans finally have the complete tracklist for each of the CDs.




Proof includes many releases that ARMY have been waiting for, like demos for some of BTS’s popular songs, like “Epiphany” and “Still With You.” And, especially, “Tony Montana” featuring Jimin.

And there are also five new songs that ARMY can look forward to in the album. Although, BTS surprised fans by sharing that some of the tracks will only be available through the album and not made available on digital platforms.

BTS Surprises ARMY With 5 New “PROOF” Songs…But There’s A Catch

But one of the new tracks that will be available digitally, “For Youth,” has made fans incredibly emotional as they’ve realized the song’s intent simply by the title alone.

Since CD3, which includes “For Youth,” is dedicated to ARMY, it’s understandable that the new track would be dedicated to BTS’s fans. And while fans didn’t realize it at first, the song’s title proves that it’s literally for ARMY.

Although ARMY have become such a large fandom that “ARMY” has become a term well recognized internationally, the fandom name is actually an abbreviation. ARMY is short for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.

So, upon realizing “For Youth” was dedicated to ARMY, fans didn’t take long to realize that the title is a part of what ARMYs are jokingly calling their “government name.”

And understandably, fans are emotional at how BTS has continued to show their immense love and appreciation for their fans.

And one fan pointed out how “For Youth” also sounds remarkably similar to “for you.”

Some fans are now even speculating that Jimin’s tattoo, which spells out “youth,” may also be intended to represent ARMY.

But regardless, fans can look forward to PROOF as the upcoming anthology album is certainly proof of BTS’s love and gratitude towards ARMY.

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