BTS’s “PROOF”: 10+ Relatable Reactions To CD3’s Insane Tracklist

Demos? New songs???

Today, BTS released the third and final tracklist for their upcoming anthology album, PROOF. CD3 consists of unreleased demos, a new song called “For Youth,” and two surprise tracks that nobody saw coming. Here are 10+ of ARMY’s best reactions to Tracklist 3!

1. We won!

2. Sorry not sorry?

3. The fine print

4. The Queen of the Charts, “Spring Day,” doesn’t play

5. No words, just screeching

6. The reason why “All Men Do Is Lie” is trending again

7. Three new songs? Yes. Only three new songs? No.

8. Nobody panic. (Just kidding. Everybody panic!)


10. Do you hear something?

11. All the feels on one disc


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