BTS’s “Baby Prince V” Has Netizens Amazed By His Unbelievable Visuals — Even While Masked

Even a mask can’t hide how stunning V’s visuals are!

BTS V‘s latest airport appearance has netizens obsessed with his incredible good looks! Even while covering half of his face with a mask, V’s visuals are undeniable.

V from BTS. | Newsen

Nicknamed “Baby Prince V” by Korean media, V’s classic handsomeness is recognized all around the world by ARMY and by anyone lucky enough to be blessed with seeing him.

| Newsen

He was decked out in Louis Vuitton, his expensive clothes matching how expensive he looked!


V has proven time and time again that his visuals are unstoppable, and he often goes viral due to his stunning handsomeness.

| theqoo 

He looks unbelievably captivating even while wearing a mask!

| theqoo 

V looks amazing even while wearing a mask, but he looks even more handsome once he takes the mask off!

| theqoo 

Netizens can’t stop praising V for his celebrity aura and striking visuals. They can’t believe a person can be this good-looking — even with a mask covering most of his face!

| theqoo
  • “293. He’s such a superstar, I probably wouldn’t even be able to get close to him.”
  • “294. I don’t think I could even look at him from afar. Like, I’d sneak in some glimpses but that would be all. He’s too good-looking. In fact, I’m already in love.”
  • “295. 💜”
  • “296. Wow, his face is a masterpiece.”
  • “298. His face is pretty masculine, but overall he’s such a beauty. I’m only realizing now that’s possible.”
  • “299. This is out-of-this-world wild, seriously.”

The members of BTS traveled out of Korea for the first time in about two years to head to New York where they will speak at the United Nations General Assembly. We wish them a safe flight and a great time in New York! Read more about their appointment below.

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Source: theqoo and Metro (1) and (2)