BTS Becomes The Face Of Coca-Cola Thanks To Their Fans

BTS has officially become the face of Coca-Cola’s 2018 FIFA World Cup sponsorship campaign, and it’s all thanks to fans!

BTS has become the official face of Coca-Cola thanks to A.R.M.Ys, who asked the company for months to make the members their models!

BTS has become the models for Coca-Cola‘s Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 campaign.


It all started back in September 2017 when fans posted pictures of V with a coke can and asked Coca-Cola’s Twitter to make him their model.


Coca-Cola responded, saying it wasn’t possible because of the company’s hiring processes.


But fans continued to request Coca-Cola, making promises to stop drinking other brands if they hired BTS.


But it seems like Coca-Cola was listening, because now the official sponsor for the FIFA World Cup – which will kick off in June – announced its new campaign with BTS at the forefront!

“We chose BTS as our models because their powerful energy on stage and passion for music matched well with the heat of the World Cup that everyone in the world enjoys, and the happiness that Coca-Cola brings in the hot summer. Starting with the Russia World Cup, Coca-Cola will be working with BTS to bring an exciting, special experience for the summer that consumers will enjoy.” — Coca-Cola


A.R.M.Ys are updating the old Twitter threads, thanking Coca-Cola for listening to the fans!


Fans are also excited by what the collaboration means for BTS’s international visibility.


And, of course, are freaking out about seeing them on TVs around the world.


They’re also helpfully coming up with ideas for the campaign.


It’s all thanks to A.R.M.Y’s perseverance!