BTS Radiates Elegance In Behind-The-Scenes Clips From Billboard Photoshoot

Here’s the process of how they captured such gorgeous photos.

BTS‘s recent Billboard cover shoot left ARMYs with stunning photos of the boys exuding class and beauty. Check out some of the behind-the-scenes clips from each member’s photoshoot below!

1. RM

RM showed off his natural side as he stretched out on some grass…

…and he also displayed his boss side in a chic, purple suit!


2. Jin

Jin doesn’t just look good during his photoshoots…

…he also has a blast doing them!


3. Suga

Suga left ARMYs in awe with his new pink hairdo.

Cotton-candy Suga is here to stay!


4. J-Hope

J-Hope showed off his cool charms with his charismatic poses.


J-Hope’s forehead is the gift that keeps on giving!

5. Jimin

Watch as Jimin transforms from suave and cool in a pastel suit…


…to beautiful and doll-like in the midst of nature!

6. V

What’s more deadly? V showing off his sleeveless look…

…or his stunning gaze that’s as pretty as the flowers?


7. Jungkook

Jungkook served fresh and delicate vibes during the photoshoot…


…and his expressions are sure to make your heart skip a beat!

Check out how the photos turned out below.

BTS Shine Bright Like The Sun In New Billboard Magazine Photoshoot


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