BTS Made It Onto The Blue House’s 2019 English Calendar

BTS did it!

BTS has been included in the 2019 English calendar created by the Blue House and the Korean Culture and Information Service to promote Korea among foreign diplomatic offices and specialists of South Korea.


The Blue House (Cheong Wa Dae, office of President Moon Jae In) has recently shared a Twitter post, which included pictures of the limited-edition calendar that will be distributed around the world.


The calendar introduced the Korean culture through a bucket list of 12 items.


#1 on the bucket list was “Go to a K-Pop Concert” and on the page was a photo none other than BTS.

“With its growing popularity, K-pop has become a new music industry trend, attracting many international fans. You can choose how and where to enjoy K-pop from a wide range of options such as a concert by your favorite band, or a music festival featuring many different singers and acts. You can also find provincial festivals or get free tickets to attend TV or radio music shows.”


Meanwhile, BTS received a very special gift from President Moon Jae In, a custom-made watch with the president’s own signature on it, at the United Nations General Assembly when they attended to give a speech in September.

Netizens Notice Something Special About BTS Jungkook’s Watch


Then in October, BTS met with President Moon Jae In and First Lady Kim Jung Sook in person at the Resonance of Korean Musicians event in Paris, France where they performed “DNA” and “IDOL”.

President Moon Jae In And BTS Meet In Paris


This comes after President Moon shared a letter congratulating BTS on becoming the first K-Pop artist to reach #1 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart on his official Twitter.

President Moon Wrote This Heartfelt Letter To BTS After Their Historic Achievement


Now, BTS has been featured in the Blue House’s calendar! What’s next?


Source: Sports Kyunghyang