BTS Break Their Own Record At The 2023 “Fact Music Awards”

Their legendary status got solidified even further!

The 2023 Fact Music Awards took place on October 10 at the Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon. Despite not being present at the event, BTS managed to make history.

BTS at the 2022 Fact Music Awards

This year’s Fact Music Awards was a bittersweet occasion for ARMYs, as the absence of BTS stood out for them after they set a winning streak for the Daesang in the last five consecutive years.

Yet, fans worked hard to ensure they could win the fan-voted award as a sign of reassurance that ARMYs are here to stay despite the temporary hiatus.

BTS members were nominated in four different categories: as a group and as soloists. Their group nominations were Best Choice Award Group and Best Summer Music. Individually, JinRMJ-Hope, and Jimin were nominated for Best Choice Award Solo, while Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook were nominated for the Idol Plus Popularity Award. Jungkook and V were also nominated for Best Fall Music, and Suga received another solo nomination for Best Summer Music.

In the end, BTS members ended up winning in almost all of the above categories. As a group, they won the FAN N STAR Choice Award, and their 10th-anniversary track “Take Two” won the Best Summer Music Award. They also won in the Most Voted Artist category. Jimin took home the Idol Plus Popularity Award, while V won the Best Music Fall Award.

With three awards in their bag, BTS were the most awarded group at the event. But in an ever bigger achievement, they broke their own record as the most-awarded artist in the award show’s history. With this year’s awards, they have now secured a total of 26 wins at the Fact Music Awards!

Fans are euphoric at these unexpected milestones, but on the other hand, it is not too surprising for many who feel that those only spoke for BTS’s legendary levels of talent.