Suga Believes That BTS Was “Destined To Meet”, Here’s Why

He opened up about BTS’s teamwork in their new docuseries.

When you meet someone, there’s no way to know how they will affect your life’s story. Was BTS‘s formation chance or fate? Suga believes it’s the latter.

In the first two episodes of BTS’s Break The Silence docuseries, the members shared words of wisdom, opened up about why they once considered disbanding, why they are choosing to stay together, what would happen if they didn’t, and much more.

In Episode 2, “You Can Call Me Idol”, Suga talked about what it means to be a team, and why BTS is a special one.

In a team, one person’s exhaustion and stress can weight the rest of the team members down, but the reverse is also true. If someone is feeling down, the other members can raise him back up.

Just being there for each other is a source of strength, even if we don’t say anything. It’s not about picking one specific person. We know each other so well, even without words.

— Suga

According to Suga, BTS has the ideal synergy. “Even if I had put a team together myself,” he said. “it wouldn’t have worked out this well.”

“When you travel, there are some people you travel with from the start, and some you meet along the way. I think the reasons would all be different.”

“Whether it was done voluntarily or not, we started our journey together.”

“As we continue, I can’t think of anything better than this.”

“Rather than doing something on my own, the seven of us doing it together has a more synergistic effect.”

“‘Could there have been a better match? We must have been destined to meet.’ I think that a lot.”

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