Jungkook’s Story: How His BTS Members Became His Best Friends

He talked about how his BTS members became his best friends.

When Jungkook left home to pursue his dreams, he had no idea that his future members would become his friends for life.

In Episode 3 of BTS‘s Break The Silence docuseries, the members opened up about their fearshappinessstruggles, and the special bond that keeps them together.

According to Jungkook, BTS doesn’t need to say how they feel about each other. They can feel it.

The members aren’t like, ‘Let’s stay together ’til the day we die!’, but after living with them for a long time, there are things you can tell without the need for words.

— Jungkook

“There’s a kind of invisible connection,” he explained. “I feel that kind of connection with the members.”

When Jungkook moved to Seoul, he moved there alone without friends or family, but he found both in BTS.

I moved to Seoul at a very young age, and didn’t really have any best friends. The members are the ones who are always by my side, and the ones I’ve been with the longest.

— Jungkook

“I think they make me feel emotions that are hard to describe,” he continued. “It feels like we’re companions, and they helped me realize what friendship is.”

“Family. They aren’t family, but they feel like family.”

“There are times when I feel a close connection with them.” 

BTS’s “invisible connection” isn’t one that can be formulated. It happened organically over time.

In the way that water flows, I think we’re all doing a good job to maintain this balance.

— Jungkook