BTS’s “Bring The Soul: The Movie” Is Making I-ARMY Envy K-ARMY Again

Only Korean movie-goers get these perks.

BTS‘s new film is here, but some fans are having a slightly different movie-going experience than others.


On August 7, Bring The Soul: The Movie hit select theaters around the world. Like BTS’s previous concert films, this one takes place during their 2018-2019 Love Yourself world tour. On a rooftop in Paris, following their European concerts, BTS share their thoughts and journey with ARMY.


The movie itself is the same no matter where in the world fans watch it, but K-ARMYs are getting a very shiny perk: holographic tickets!


The magical keepsakes are making I-ARMYs “feel the pain” of being international fans…


…and it’s easy to see why. K-ARMYs get not one, but two different kinds of special tickets!


ARMYs are nothing if not creative though. Many fans have made their own DIY Bring The Soul: The Movie tickets.


Some I-ARMYs have also been able to find the special edition tickets for sale online.


No matter what their tickets look like though, fans are thrilled to finally step into theaters and experience BTS on the big screen once again.