Curious About BTS’s Butter Cookies? Here’s How It’s Going Down On Site At HYBE’s Museum

Here’s what fans had to say about the limited edition cookies.

It was said that HYBE Labels would be selling exclusive BTS butter cookies to celebrate their latest hit, “Butter”. The cookies would only be available in limited quantities at the HYBE Insight Museum. According to the museum’s official account, visitors could queue up to draw lots. If you scored a winning lot, you can have the chance to make a purchase of the butter cookies. Otherwise, better luck next time!

A fan that personally went to the museum showed other ARMYs how it was done. You would pick a paper off a board and hand it to the staff who would show you your results. This fan unfortunately didn’t win.

On the other hand, another fan managed to score a winning ticket.

| @allangyi/Twitter

A fan that got to taste the coveted cookie said that it simply tasted like any other butter cookie. She compared it to the popular brand of butter cookies, Butter Ring.

| @_golden_gate_/Twitter

Fans pointed out that the random draw system was slightly unfair as they had only announced the method for butter cookie sales the day before it opened. Fans had purposely booked morning slots to secure the tickets but they soon found out that you would have to draw lots regardless of what time you visited. Unfortunately, museum tickets have to be pre-booked and the timing cannot be changed the day before, causing a few fans to be upset that they booked the earliest slots for nothing.

Well, we hope most of them managed to get the cookies in the end! Would you queue for a “Butter” cookie??


Source: theqoo