BTS Reveals A Reason Why “Butter” Was Released In All-English

They have big plans for it!

BTS recently made a comeback with their new release, “Butter”. On May 21, 2021, the boys attended a press conference for the song. This marks their second all-English song, with “Dynamite” being the first.

As there have been speculations that the all-English release was a second attempt at the Grammy Awards, Suga responded to the matter.

I think that we can’t say that’s completely untrue. We still maintain our hopes regarding winning a Grammy. We will challenge it once again with “Butter”. Hopefully, there will be good results.

— Suga

RM echoed Suga’s sentiments, confirming that the all-English release was indeed a calculated move.

Just like many have been curious about, we are definitely thinking about the Grammys. We will challenge it to our best abilities.

— RM

“Butter” is introduced as a dance-pop song with a refreshing bassline and synth sound. Take a listen to the addictive tune below!

Source: Star Today


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