What Does It All Mean? Here Are All The Clues From “BTS CCTV LIVE” Explained

“SUPER CASTING” is not the next Avengers Initiative.

Are you still confused after BTS‘s surprise live event today? We have broken down everything from “BTS CCTV LIVE,” so you don’t have to.

On December 20, a BTS live was scheduled on YouTube for 10 PM (KST)/8 AM (EST) with the title “BTS CCTV LIVE.”

When the live event finally started, it ended up exactly as one would expect from the title: it was CCTV cameras showing eight different locations, including a dance studio, hallway, lounge, and a car.


After a few more minutes of waiting in silence, we saw brief footage of each member, beginning with Jin. Unfortunately, they each vanished one by one.


Having each BTS member disappear after waiting so long to see them made it feel all pointless. However, if you look close, you will notice hidden clues hidden throughout each member’s respective rooms.


Still, what does all of this mean? Well, let us grab our deerstalker and magnifying glass so we can investigate.

Detective Pikachu | Legendary Pictures & The Pokémon Company

As we mentioned, Jin was the first member to appear, so he was the first to vanish. We were all so entranced by his handsome face that it was easy to overlook the first clue.


It was right on the door. If you look close, you’ll see “06164.” This is the zip code of Gangnam District in Seoul, South Korea.


The next member to appear then disappear was Jimin.

Jimin | BANGTANTV/YouTube

After Jimin vanished away, the pieces of art in the background changed slightly. Together, they read “2022 0101.” So, we can expect that this is teasing an upcoming event held on New Year’s Day.


Likewise, a painting in the background of RM‘s room changed too after he disappeared…


His painting then appeared to say “COEX” (excuse the super poor quality due to the major crop). This will be connected to J-Hope‘s clue, so we’ll return to what this means.


After RM was Suga. He was chilling, then poof.

Suga | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Not only did Suga disappear, but so did the couch he was resting on! With its disappearance, we saw a faded logo of Naver‘s Webtoon with “SUPER CASTING,” which was actually another logo. And, no, it’s not the next Avengers Initiative.


“SUPER CASTING” is actually a new project by Naver and companies it’s collaborating with, such as HYBE. In August, it was revealed that the first of these would be with DC Comics as Naver would be producing a Batman Webtoon. So, 7Fates: CHAKHO, a BTS-focused Webtoon, is one of these projects. 

So, don’t worry. BTS’s new Webtoon is not getting a name change. “SUPER CASTING” is just the title of the overall project in which Naver is collaborating with other companies for original stories. This was briefly explained in the HYBE briefing in November.

J-Hope was trying to have a solo dance practice when he was interrupted…

J-Hope | BANGTANTV/YouTube

When he disappeared, he left behind a series of numbers: 37.50949631746894, 127.0622570716422. Thankfully, he’s not expecting us to solve a math equation to save him…


It’s actually the coordinates to a location. Remember how we said RM’s clue was connected to J-Hope’s? That’s because these coordinates will lead you to none other than the COEX Mall in Gangnam, Seoul!

| Google

Previously, we explained that Jin’s clue was for Gangnam, so clearly, everything is connected! COEX is basically a large shopping mall and exhibition center, which would be the perfect location for a popup event.

| Google

We seem to be getting closer and closer to figuring out what BTS has in store for us, so who is next? V!


After V disappeared from his car, a polaroid appeared, hanging from the mirror. It’s an image of seven people in silhouette. It has to be the members!


Last but not least, the maknae Jungkook!

Jungkook | BANGTANTV/YouTube

In his room, there might have actually been two clues. One is more obvious as it’s the Webtoon logo (again). It appeared in shadow after Jungkook vanished.


The other clue was already there even before Jungkook disappeared. On the table next to him, there were a couple of books. On top was Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson.


Despite having a humorous-sounding title and plot, it’s actually a self-help book. Think Chicken Soup for the Soul in that it was everywhere at one time, and multiple versions were made, including ones specifically for both children and teenagers.

What makes this self-help book so unique is that it’s in the form of a novel. This book was clearly not included for no reason.

BTS’s upcoming Webtoon may be a similar concept.

All of these clues are definitely adding up to something great. So far, we can say that there’s certainly a SUPER CASTING event relating to BTS’s upcoming Webtoon 7Fates: Chakho on January 1, 2022, at COEX Screen Square.

From left: J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, V, Suga, and RM of BTS. | HYBE

Not to mention everything seemed to reference the “BTS Universe” HYYH (also known as Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa (화양연화), or The Most Beautiful Moment In Life).

We can definitely expect a lot coming in the new year as this is a new chapter for BTS in many ways.

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