BTS Shares Their Chuseok Wishes — And Things Didn’t Go As Planned

Nobody was ready for this. 😂

For the Korean holiday Chuseok, BTS released a 2021 greeting for ARMYs to wish them a happy holiday.

They decided to share their own wishes for the upcoming holiday…but things didn’t turn out how you might have thought!

First, V started off with his own wish: Anything Suga wished for would come true!

Suga, on the other hand, decided that his one and only wish was for Jin‘s wish to come true.

In that moment, J-Hope realized what was happening! If this pattern continued, he’ll feel the pressure of the final wish.

Of course, BTS wouldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. Jin wished for Jungkook‘s wish to be granted…

…while Jungkook pushed it on to RM, who pushed it on to Jimin!

Jimin’s heartfelt wish was, as expected, for J-Hope’s wish to be granted.

After all of this, what will J-Hope wish for? Will he choose world peace or will he continue the loop?

In the end, his super clever idea made BTS crack up!

My wish is to have ARMY’s wish come true!

— J-Hope

There’s nothing BTS wants more than ARMY’s happiness! Check out the full video below.