BTS And Coldplay Release First Previews Of Their Collaboration Single “My Universe”

We can’t stop listening to it!

BTS and British rock band Coldplay have officially announced that they have collaborated for the new single “My Universe.” Fans have been suspicious and speculating for months that BTS would feature on the song, which is set to be featured on Coldplay’s new album Music of the Spheres, and now it’s true! So, of course, naturally, they are beyond excited and can’t wait to hear the song.

We previously heard a snippet of instrumental for the song in the Music of the Spheres album trailer. It was originally released on Coldplay’s YouTube channel on July 20.

Coldplay has now released a TikTok video featuring them and BTS jamming out to part of the song that we assume to be the chorus. It features lead singer Chris Martin rocking a “BTS Crew” hoodie too!


#MyUniverse // Coldplay X BTS // September 24th // ❤️♾⭕️ @bts_official_bighit #bts #coldplay

♬ My Universe – Coldplay x BTS

Meanwhile, BTS members are wearing Coldplay merch. The group also released another clip from the recording session, showing a different angle.


#ColdplayXBTS #MyUniverse 🪐 Coming Soon..!

♬ My Universe – Coldplay x BTS

One thing that some may not have realized about these videos is that the TikTok audio is different from its actual sound. The bands uploaded them with 30 seconds of the official single that is to be released.


what’s that sound? oh nothing just SOTY #bts #coldplay

♬ My Universe – Coldplay x BTS

We’ve only heard a small portion of the song, but it’s so good from what we have already heard. It’s guaranteed to be a chart-topper!


Yassss #kpop #fyp #bts #coldplay

♬ My Universe – Coldplay x BTS

Until the official release, we will just have to replay these short audio clips over and over!

Listen to the full TikTok audio below:

Check out fans’ reactions to the collab below:

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Source: @coldplay and @bts_official_bighit