BTS And Coldplay Spoil The Upcoming Lyrics Of “My Universe” In Their Own Handwriting

There are never-before-seen lyrics!

Coldplay has gifted fans with another surprise from their upcoming song with BTS, “My Universe.”

| @Coldplay/Twitter

After recently meeting with BTS in New York, the members gifted Coldplay with their very own modernized hanbok.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Additionally, they released their own custom emojis for “My Universe” that fans can use on Twitter. However, the latest gift for fans is a much bigger spoiler about the song!

| @Coldplay/Twitter

The lyrics of the song have been released in each member’s handwriting, featuring some brand new lyrics. Can you tell apart the handwriting of each member?

| @Coldplay/Twitter

This proves that the theory from fans was right: The font in the lyrics video is handwritten from the members themselves!

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