China’s Foreign Affairs Deputy Director Speaks Up On The Recent BTS Controversy With China… Chinese Netizens Are Not Appeased

Patriotism is a serious matter to the Chinese.

Just recently, the Chinese web exploded with netizens in outrage over the statement that BTS‘s RM made during their acceptance speech for the Van Fleet Award. During the speech, RM had mentioned the sacrifices of both Korean and American soldiers against the North Korean army. The script had neglected to consider that many Chinese lives were lost behind the lines as well, as they had fought on the side of the North Koreans.

| Korea Herald

As the reaction was worsening, the Deputy Director of Foreign Ministry Information Department of the People’s Republic of China, Zhao Li Jian, spoke up on the matter.

I have taken into account the relevant articles and reports, and also noticed the reactions from Chinese netizens. I want to say that we should learn from history, look towards the future, value love and peace, promote friendship and these should be our common goals. These are worth us joining hands in hard work.

— Zhao Li Jian, on behalf of Foreign Affairs

The reactions from Chinese netizens to his speech however, remained negative.

| Weibo
  • “We already gave them enough ego by having our Foreign Affairs department respond.”
  • “They’re Koreans, so we can understand them having that point of view. But we’re Chinese, so we don’t need to accept that point of view!”
  • “Not bad, they’re on the radar now.”

  • “Dad, you’re treating them too highly. There’s no need to respond.”
  • “Such a formal response, you treated them too highly.”
  • “Let them (BTS) crawl.”


Suffice to say, Chinese netizens are not taking this matter lightly and are still outraged. BigHit Entertainment has yet to formally respond to the matter.

Source: Weibo