Here’s The BTS Member You’re Most Like Based On Your Favorite Dessert

Who do you relate to? 🍰

The BTS members just revealed their favorite desserts in Cookie Run Kingdom and all of their unique choices sum up their differences perfectly. Pick your favorite dessert and check out which member you relate to the most below!

1. Cheese Balls

If you prefer a salty snack, you’re just like Jimin!

As a huge fan of infamously addictive cheese balls, he reveals he can have a whole bowl of the snack on his own — and can’t stop munching throughout filming!

2. Croffles

J-Hope is a fan of the newest trendy dessert, croffles. As a mix of a croissant and a waffle, the delicious dessert is all the rage in Korea lately.

During In The Soop, J-Hope showed off his skills by making a delicious cheese croffle he shared with the members.

3. Sour Jellies

If you prefer a sour candy like gummy worms, you’re have the same taste as Jin!

He craves them whether he’s at the grocery store…

…or in the middle of an interview!

4. S’mores

If you prefer something ooey gooey like s’mores, you’re just like Jungkook!

Jungkook shared his brother used to make them for him and the delicious memory stays with him to this day.

5. Crème Brûlée

If you’re fancy like V, then you might love something unique like crème brûlée.

V has previously shown his love for pudding, but most recently, after trying crème brûlée through a food delivery app, it’s become his new favorite.

6. Hotteok

If you love warm and delicious Korean hotteok, you’re just like Suga.

All of the members truly love the dessert!

 7. Bungeo-ppang

Lastly, if you’re a fan of the adorable fish-shaped pastry Bungeo-ppang that’s filled with red bean paste or other goodies, you’re just like RM.

He even modeled his Artist-Made Collection merchandise after the dessert.

Check out all of the members’ choices below!