BTS Create Imaginary Islands For ARMYs, Here’s What Each Features


For the eighth volume of BTS’s Japan Fanclub magazine, the members covered a variety of different topics from Jungkook’s wish to perform together forever, their daily routines, and more.

When asked to create an imaginary island for ARMY, the members instantly began brainstorming possible ideas for the island. While they were busy putting stickers on the island, J-Hope asked, “If this is an island than does it mean its all ocean on the outside?” To this, Jin responded, “It should be all sea since it’s an island.”

Suga declares that he will have to make a capital for the island while RM debates whether or not they can only use one sticker. Jimin on the other hand, is busy putting many stickers on the island stating, “We need a lot of houses because a lot of ARMY will be coming.”

Jungkook looked happy as he was excited to see there was a tennis court. V seemed to be making an interesting island as he felt the island needed a dragon. Let’s see what types of islands will be created by the members!

For Jin, ‘enjoyment is the secret to peace’ is the rule of his island. “Having a good time is the rule on my island! There are cafes, concert halls and a lake where you can fish too.”

J-Hope’s island was focused on healing. “I kept in mind a healing island and added a camping site, café, park, and a bus just for ARMYs.”

Jungkook’s island had a concert hall right in the middle. “There is a concert hall right in the center of the island so that all the ARMYs can have a good time while living here.”

Jimin’s island was centered on bringing everything that ARMYs needed in one place. “This island has everything you need in one place. There’s even a cosmetic store and flower shop here.”

Suga’s island was about having a lot of people live in peace together. “I thought about a city where many people live. I wanted a peaceful island so fighting is prohibited here!”

RM focused on healing ARMYs through nature. “The main focus is to have a lot of nature near the ocean. This island will have nature and hammocks to heal everyone.”

V’s island is something similar to an invincible castle. “You have to go through the jungle to reach the house. It’s an island that no one can enter, but the problem is that it’s difficult for me to enter too (laughs).”

You can tell just from their ideas just how much ARMY means to them and how passionate they are in making us the fans happy!