The BTS Dalmajung Merch Collection Is So Gorgeous That Everyone Wants It, Even Non-Fans

ARMYs have failed to gatekeep this one.

BTS has recently dropped the merchandise list for the Dalmajung collection before the actual launch. Dalmajung, meaning “to meet the moon” will be launched on September 6, 2022, at 11am KST. It is commemorative of the Chuseok holiday, the autumn harvest.

The goods are gorgeous! They’re heavily influenced by Korean traditional elements such as flower embroidery and motifs.

Goods available in the collection. | Weverse

Most of the items are very usable in daily life, especially for those that want to disguise the fact that they are a K-Pop fan. Without ostentatious lettering or logo play, non-fans wouldn’t even know that these are fan goods!

But that just might be the problem. The goods are so pretty and well-made that even non-ARMYs are eyeing the merchandise. They’re perfect for anyone who loves Korean culture and tradition!

Netizen reactions to the goods. | theqoo
  • “It seems like goods from the National Museum of Korea. Foreign kids would really like it.”
  • “It’s pretty. I want to get the teacup set and the incense holder.”
  • “They really chose the goods super well?!”
  • “Oh, how pretty.”
  • “It’s so pretty. I think the Dalmajung goods are the prettiest. Now all that’s left is for my fingers to work well.”
  • “The teacups are f*cking pretty.”
Netizen reactions to the goods. | theqoo
  • “Ahh, they’re all so pretty.”
  • “I’m a fan of another group but the concept is really f*cking pretty… they chose the goods well too…”
  • “Wow I don’t know about the rest but I want to get the incense holder. I think I’ll use it really well hmm.”
  • “Wow, so pretty”
  • “Wow, can fans of other groups buy it too?”

Unfortunately for ARMYs, the goods are available to anyone who is on the Weverse Shop. It is truly a battle of the quickest! Get your fingers stretched and ready, ARMY!

Source: theqoo