The BTS Members Are So Close, Even Their Most Unique Habits Rubbed Off On Each Other

They’re practically family at this point!

During a recent live broadcast, the BTS members showed how spending so much time with has its consequences!

Specifically, the members noticed that RM has been speaking in dialect.

I was watching In The SOOP recently. You were using a dialect!

— J-Hope

However, the funniest part is that RM doesn’t have a dialect of his own. Born in Ilsan in the Gyeonggi Province near Seoul, he is the only member who comes from a town that speaks standard Korean.

The dialect he’s using is just a mix of everything from his fellow members!

Being around each other all the time makes it easy for them to pick up on each other’s speech habits, including accents. J-Hope‘s dialect in particular is especially catchy to the members.

With his own unique dialect, it easily rubs off on the others from a different region.

Four of us are from Gyeongsang-do. He’s the only one from Jeolla-do.

— Jungkook

They can’t help but imitate J-Hope’s legendary, “Can you do the laundry?” in his signature accent!

It seems the more time they spend together, the more they start to act like each other!

Check out more from their livestream below.

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