BTS Had The Sweetest Reaction To Lizzo’s “Butter” Cover

Her cover is officially BTS-approved!

In BTS‘s latest spoiler-filled live broadcast, they talked about their upcoming concert and Jimin and V‘s song “Friends” featuring in the newest Marvel Studios‘ film Eternals.

From left: RM, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope of BTS. | BTS/VLIVE

There was actually some confusion among the members at first as to whether it was true or not if the song would be featured in the blockbuster movie.


RM, who believes that it’s true, said he doesn’t know when the song will be played. Still, he has given it thought and has some ideas involving actor Don Lee. J-Hope has his own suggestions…

It would be cool if it plays when the credits roll.

— J-Hope


Yet, some members were still curious if “Friends” is really going to be featured in The Eternals. Leader RM said again that it’s true, that both Jimin and V’s song and one of Lizzo‘s songs would be included. The group was also pleasantly surprised to hear about Lizzo, a famous American music artist and certified ARMY!


Recently, Lizzo did a cover of BTS’s hit song “Butter,” wearing a “VMIN” shirt, referring to two of her favorite members Jimin and V. Perhaps, she had something to do with their song being in the movie!

The members revealed that they only recently saw the cover she did of their song “Butter.” They are all just as much fans of her as she is of theirs!

J-Hope: I saw Lizzo’s cover or “Butter” recently. I didn’t know.

Jungkook: It was so cool.


The group gave her several thumbs-ups and said that it was “good.” RM added that she “nailed it!” Jungkook concluded with a rhyme, inspired by the leader, saying it was “crazy.”


Not only did BTS see Lizzo’s cover, but she also saw their live broadcast where they gave her a shoutout! She retweeted a clip of it to her Twitter.

Now knowing they’re fans of each other, we hope this means a collaboration is in the future!

Source: BTS