BTS Doesn’t Accept Luxury Brand Sponsorships, They Only Wear Brands That They Want To Wear

They’re not like other idols.

Many K-Pop idols are offered sponsorship deals from fashion brands, where they are paid to wear certain outfits and accessories at certain events for marketing. Many believed BTS were given the same sponsorship deals for the times they were seen dressed in some of the most luxurious fashion brands.

BTS wearing all Gucci during BBMA.

BTS is well known to wear some of the most expensive outfits during their award show ceremonies, music videos, airport fashions, and more. But one news report explained that BTS doesn’t let marketing deals choose what they’ll wear next. They decide based on their own personal preferences!

Suga wearing Chanel during an airport trip.

Chosun Biz revealed that BTS is offered a massive amount of brand sponsorships but they turn them all down and choose to buy the clothes that they want to wear.

BTS doesn’t accept fashion sponsorships but personally purchase the outfits that they want to wear that matches their concept.

A fashion industry insider even claimed that brands ‘can’t do anything but simply hope that BTS chooses to wear their clothes.

— Chosun Biz

That means all the outfits that BTS was seen in, like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and more, weren’t sponsorships but the members’ personal taste. It comes as (somewhat) a surprise as their outfits cost tens of thousands of dollars for just one event.

Brands are dying for BTS to accept a fashion sponsorship deal as everything that they touch becomes a hot topic on social media and immediately sells out without any need for other marketing.

But it seems the BTS members are more interested in showing off their own fashion choices than letting marketing dictate what to wear!

BTS wearing a variety of brands to the airport.