BTS Draws Impressive Crowds In New York City And London With Their New Samsung Billboards

BTS continues to prove their incredible global impact.

Samsung revealed their upcoming product releases earlier today and, with it, unveiled their new Galaxy Z Flip4 along with brand new HD photos of Samsung ambassadors BTS.

BTS’s Jungkook, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga, Jin, RM, and V | @SamsungMobile/Instagram

In addition to the new group and individual photos of the members, Samsung also announced a surprise pop-up event in New York City and London.

The Korean electronics company sent out an exclusive invite on Twitter asking fans to stop by Times Square in New York City or Piccadilly Circus in London for a Samsung Unpacked Experience. Samsung hinted that attendees might even leave with a special surprise.

While Piccadilly Circus and Times Square are typically areas with high traffic, it was a little different today when crowds of fans and passersby stopped to view the unveiling of Samsung’s new electronic billboard advertisement featuring BTS.

Lucky fans took videos of the impressive crowds reacting to the new advertisements of the superstar group. In Times Square, BTS’s signature color, purple, wrapped the buildings as Samsung’s ad took up multiple screens.

People were seen with their phones out, recording the unique experience. Along with the videos of BTS playing, a QR code was intermittently displayed.

Samsung revealed that fans who scanned the QR code and showed the message on their phone to a Samsung team member in Times Square would receive a limited edition poster of BTS!

Fans who attended the event were also able to see the world premiere of BTS’s “Yet To Come” music video with Samsung Galaxy.

On the other side of the world, Piccadilly Circus in London had an equally impressive scene as ARMYs and locals gathered to watch BTS light the sky in purple with their special Samsung ad.

An additional angle of Piccadilly Circus showed just how expansive the crowd gathering was, with fans eagerly cheering as BTS was on the screen.

The release of Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip4 is extra special for BTS and ARMYs as one of the phone’s four color options has been named “Bora Purple,” after BTS’s signature phrase “borahae (I purple you).”

BTS continues to prove their incredible worldwide influence, drawing large crowds even when they’re not physically present.

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