Here Are The Biggest Differences For BTS When They Sing In Korean Vs. English

Each language has different goals.

BTS has once revealed the positive and negative aspects of singing or rapping in English instead of Korean. However, they recently revealed to Weverse Magazine that there are many differences between the two to take into consideration.

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Like “Permission to Dance,” singing songs in English comes with much more preparation. Instead of simply focusing on singing or rapping well, things like pronunciation are taken into consideration.

When they’re recording in Korean, it’s enough just that they sing well, but with English songs, they have to be aware of their pronunciation while recording as well, so there were a lot of changes and edits even after the whole song was recorded.

— Nicole Kim, leader of BIGHIT MUSIC’s A&R Team

Kim revealed that in addition to this, BTS puts a lot of practice into perfecting their own parts. It’s not uncommon for the members to request the lyrics ahead of time so by the time recording begins, all of the bugs have been ironed out.

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[BTS] practiced a lot in advance, and some of them requested the lyrics in advance, too. The A&R team has a lot to learn from how professional they are, and they inspire us to do more.

— Nicole Kim

There are more pros and cons to using English rather than Korean. Suga once revealed he breathes more while rapping in English which makes it more difficult. However, Jungkook said it’s easier to sing in his head voice in English since he speaks Korean with a lower tone. Check out what else he had to say about it below.

BTS’s Jungkook Explains Why He Sings Differently In English Than He Does In Korean

Source: Weverse