BTS’s New Interview Is A “Mess”, But Fans Wouldn’t Change A Thing

They were as chaotic as ever during a chat with ENTERCOM.

BTS‘s chaotic energy can’t be contained, and fans don’t want it to be. It’s part of their charm!


On October 18, BTS had several long-distance radio interviews from their studio in Seoul to promote their “Make It Right” collaboration with Lauv. BTS’s trademark enthusiasm was on full blast for iHeartRadio and Elvis Duran, but it may have reached its peak in ENTERCOM‘s interview.


When asked to name their favorite parts of “Boy With Luv”, the members excitedly talked, and shouted, and sang over each other. RM summed up the moment perfectly; “Sorry, it’s a mess.” 


Things also got a little crazy when BTS were asked to name the artists they’re listening to right now. “Billie Eilish-ssi!” Jungkook shouted.


Check out the interview here: