Here’s What You Might Not Know About BTS’s “EoGiYeongCha Seoul” Video

Today’s history lesson.

BTS is back with a new promo video that’s giving us seven very good reasons to visit Seoul.


In this collaboration, BTS partners with the Seoul city government, continuing their roles as honorary tourism ambassadors. Dressed in modern hanbok, the members show just how much there is to see and experience in the city — such as drummer Jungkook?

Throughout the video, BTS and others sing, “EoGiYeongCha.” As this text from the intro explains, “EoGiYeongCha” (“어기영차”) is an expression used to, “give each other strength.” 

This definition, however, leaves out an interesting tidbit. “EoGiYeongCha” is onomatopoeic, like “heave-ho,” and chanted in a similar context, such as when a group of people is lifting up something heavy.

Another interesting fact? The video’s blend of Korean traditions with modern innovation extends to the music. The song pays tribute to “Seoul’s Anthem” (or “Hymn of Seoul”), a classic song by Patti Kim. Patti Kim debuted as a singer in 1959 and performed for 54 years before retiring in 2013.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out “EoGiYeongCha Seoul” here: