BTS’s “Secret Venue” For “Dynamite” Might Have Already Been Leaked

Fans might have uncovered the location of BTS’s next MV.

BTS are pros at keeping secrets for their comebacks (usually), but ARMY might be one step ahead of them this time.

On September 1, Big Hit Entertainment announced BTS’s new promotion schedule for this month. It includes the release of a “Dynamite” choreography music video that was filmed at a “secret venue”.

This secret, however, might have been out before the promo announcement, thanks to K-ARMY’s tips and fan-detectives’ ability to piece clues together.

At dawn on August 30 (KST), K-ARMYs spotted BTS filming an undisclosed project at Seoul’s biggest theme park, Everland.

At first, news of this began to circulate because of this birthday project.

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If BTS were filming at Everland that day, they couldn’t have missed this enormous ad for Jungkook on the Ferris wheel.

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Now, some fans believe that BTS were filming their choreography MV that day.

After all, this colourful playland would be the perfect backdrop for a fun and exciting song like “Dynamite”!

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