BTS’s Fans Call For Baskin Robbins To Step Up In Efforts After Seeing Past Collaboration With EXO

The difference is huge.

As BTS‘s recent cake release with Baskin Robbins have come under fire for being expensive and overly simplistic for the cost, fans have brought back EXO‘s past collaboration with the confectionary in comparison, blaming Baskin Robbins for lacklustre work.

Chanyeol’s collaborative cake. | PANN

While BTS’s cake was made in the figure 7 and kept simple with existing flavors, EXO’s collaboration was at the height of their fame with their winter release, Sing For You. Baskin Robbins then held a winter Christmas special collaboration with 6 of the members including Chanyeol, Suho, D.O, Kai, Baekhyun and Sehun.

Suho’s collaborative cake. | PANN

The cakes were specially designed for each member and featured 6 different designs available to the public.

Sehun’s collaborative cake. | PANN

Each cake also came with member photocards exclusive to Baskin Robbins.

D.O’s collaborative cake. | PANN

There were also new flavor releases for each member, made available for a limited time.

Baekhyun’s collaborative cake. | PANN
Kai’s collaborative cake. | PANN

Baekhyun, for example, known for his fluffy white cheeks, endorsed an organically produced milk flavored ice cream.


These cakes ranged from ₩28,000 KRW to  ₩37,000 KRW ($23 USD to $31 USD) based on size and flavors. Most of them included at least 9 blocks of ice creams. On the other hand, BTS’s cake sells for ₩26,000 ($22 USD) with only 7 blocks of ice cream.

Fans were outraged at the difference between the quality of the marketing and products between EXO’s collaborations and BTS’s with Baskin Robbins.

With fans up in arms, will Baskin Robbins make further changes to their designs and commercials? Stay tuned.