BTS Fans Held An Impromptu Streaming Party And Gave A Small Business Their Biggest Turnout Yet

They said it was their “biggest day ever.”

Spotify has recently come under fire for allegedly filtering the streams of BTS‘s latest hit “Butter.” Twitter user BHF Data Analytics noted that 47% of streams were not counted on May 21, dropping to 43% the following day.

Global Spotify Filter Rates on May 21 | @BorahaeFunds_DA/Twitter
Global Spotify Filter Rates on May 22 | @BorahaeFunds_DA/Twitter

In response to the situation, fellow user BTS Chart Data organized an impromptu streaming party to encourage ARMYs. Held in the early morning of May 26, “Butter” and other tracks from the group were played.

An astounding 200,000 users attended the event despite just a two-hour notice. It was an even greater achievement considering only Spotify Premium account holders were invited to prove that the streams were authentic and not from bots.

| @NevermindSeen/Twitter

It was also a win for ARMYs to support small businesses while showing their love for BTS.

BTS Chart Data chose social audio startup STATIONHEAD to hold the “Butter” streaming party. Even at just 28,000 listeners, it was already the biggest single streaming party the platform ever had.

After the event concluded, the startup re-confirmed that it was their “biggest day ever,” further expressing their awe at the trending hashtag #streamingbutter which reached the #1 position on Twitter.

CEO Ryan Star took to Twitter to express his gratitude towards BTS’s fans. He shared his company’s vision to “democratize the airwaves and give the power back to the people,” something ARMYs proved to be possible as “The Air Belongs to [them].”

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out BTS’s music video for “Butter” below!

Source: Twitter