#InvestigateSpotify Trends As BTS Fans Discover Their “Butter” Streams Are Reportedly Being Filtered And Not Counted

A fan has allegedly contacted Spotify but they have not cleared any of the confusion.

BTS has been dominating the charts worldwide with their latest track, “Butter,” and has even broken several Guinness World Records! Fans worldwide have been streaming the song on various platforms to both enjoy the song and increase its ranking.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

However, recently, fans have become angered at the streaming service Spotify for allegedly filtering many of their streams and not counting them. Filtering means that the service has been ruling some streams as fake, spam, or anything else that makes them believe it is not legitimate. Much of the fans’ data has been collected by BHF Data Analytics, a Twitter account that is a division of Borahae Funds—a group of fans that prides themselves on collecting accurate analytics, funding, and business intelligence for the group’s activities.

| @BorahaeFunds_DA/Twitter

BHF Data Analytics’ data stated that BTS songs had been filtered much more than other artists. For example, 47% of “Butter”‘s streams were not counted, while only 38% of streams were not counted for “Dynamite.” This makes a significant increase of almost 10%. Fans continued to pull up data they found that showed an odd change in “Butter”‘s streams compared to others.

One fan decided to go the extra mile and supposedly email Spotify. The answer increased fans’ anger as they stated that they could not reveal how the calculate the number of streams as that will cause other people to find ways to manipulate it.

| @hannahdulset96/Twitter

As this issue grew, BTS fans took to social media and trended #InvestigateSpotify to request the service to be transparent with how they operate.

No further statements from Spotify have been made, nor has there been an official statement on whether or not the filtering data is true. Either way, fans are asking for answers as they wish to support their artists correctly.


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