Fans Are Concerned About BTS Jungkook’s Current Break From Activities

Is it the company, or his own will?

BTS announced a break from group activities in June 2022. The group would be focusing on their individual activities for the time being. Members such as RM, Jin, and J-Hope have released solo music, while Jimin‘s is underway. Fans asked Jungkook during a live stream in early February 2023 about his plans for music.

Did I prepare an album? No, I’ve not. Everyone’s probably anticipating lots, right? I too am looking forward to my future album but it seems like the other members are doing their solo activities as a form of an extension [of group activities] but I’ve come to an all-stop. I think I’m comfortable doing nothing. Right now, I’ve been living like a rock.

— Jungkook

Fans were glad to hear that Jungkook was living comfortably and taking a well-deserved break. However, when the tone changed in a later part of the live stream, ARMYs grew concerned.

Fans were aware of the others attending schedules in the US in February, such as awards ceremonies. When they asked Jungkook about it, he seemed to have no clue. In fact, Jungkook admitted that he’d been living life cut off from the rest of the world.

Because I’ve been living a life cut off from society, I don’t even know what’s happening in the company.

— Jungkook

It drew larger concern when he began to talk about both his personal emotions as well as not being contacted by the company.

Well, it’s not really that recently I’ve been unambitious or anything. So to say… If I had even a small [schedule] or a little work, I don’t think I would be like this, but I adapt really quickly to situations so if I were to start up working on music again or something, it would become habitual again.

— Jungkook

Fans debated if it was a matter of burn-out on Jungkook’s end or if the company was not grabbing individual schedules for him.

Jungkook is only 27 years old, and he’s someone who is talented and can grow by infinite leaps and bounds. This is the time when he can be the best at his job, but I’m so sad that he has no schedule. I’m so mad and sad that HYBE is not utilizing him.

— Fan

No matter if it is Jungkook’s own will to rest or if it is mismanagement on the company’s part, fans are just happy to support him all the way.

Source: Nate Pann