BTS Fans Outraged at Universal Music Group Due To Alleged Unfair Copyright Claims

BTS fans have taken out their outrage with Universal Music Group to Twitter with the hashtag #UMGDontTouchBTS.

BTS signed with Def Jam Records, (a subsidiary of Universal Music Group) for their overseas Japanese activities.

The record label, however, started to block and remove the videos that were affiliated with BTS’s “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”, claiming the legal rights to parodies, lyric videos, reaction videos, and more.

Fans believe that UMG has stepped out of line as BTS is only signed to the label for Japanese promotions, the music group should be limited to have rights claiming the Japanese songs.

This tag #UMGDontTouchBTS began trending as a result of the outrage, given BTS’s recent success at being the most viewed K-Pop group on YouTube.

The hashtag began trending on April 20, and since some videos have been unblocked.

UMG and BigHit Entertainment have not released a statement regarding the issue. Fans continue to show protest on Twitter, and some videos have since been restored.