BTS Flower Smeraldo Blog Drops New (And Final?) Hints About Their Comeback

This is the last piece of the puzzle…or is it?

Detective fans, it’s time to get your magnifying glasses out again!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook

The BTS Flower Smeraldo blog is a companion website for the BTS Universe, aka the fictional world inside BTS’s music videos. It dives into the mythology of the smeraldo flower and holds key information about BTS’s comebacks.

Each time the shop reopens, the date coincides with a BTS release.

But what happens when the blog closes? After two months of dropping hints about new BTS content, the Flower Smeraldo blog has announced its closure. For now, the fictional florist behind this site will focus on working inside the shop instead.

I would like to communicate more with everyone who loves Smeraldo, but I inevitably have to make such a decision as the work of the flower garden will become busier in the future, so please understand.

— testesso, Flower Smeraldo blog’s “Eleventh Story”

Like BTS’s works, the blog speaks in riddles that need to be deciphered. After carefully reading the “Eleventh Story” post, some fans believe that it’s talking about BTS’s autumn comeback.

This is because right now BTS are busy working in their own “shop”, making music for ARMY.

Without Flower Smeraldo to give clues ahead of time, “twelvehitphobia” (the fear that Big Hit Entertainment will randomly release new content at midnight) is stronger than ever. As if ARMY needs more stress in their lives!

Source: Flower Smeraldo