There’s A New BTS Mystery To Solve And ARMY’s On The Case

A new chapter has been added to BTS’s story.

ARMY detectives, are you ready for a new case?

BTS have many mysteries, real and fictional, that fans are determined to solve, no matter how long it takes. One of the biggest mysteries was born inside the world of BTS’s music videos; the legend of the smeraldo flower.

This imaginary flower was introduced in 2017, just before BTS released LOVE YOURSELF: Her, the first album in their LOVE YOURSELF series.

This flower, and its famous blog, hold key information about BTS’s comebacks and ongoing story. For instance, each time the shop reopens, the date coincides with a BTS release. In July, the blog announced a reopening in late August. Two weeks later, BTS announced their comeback song, “Dynamite”, which will be released on August 21.

On July 6, the Smeraldo Flower Blog was reset, its content erased. Since then, it has be reuploading old posts with small but significant changes, such as the addition of a mysterious umbrella man.

On August 12, the blog posted its first entirely new post since 2018, the “Ninth Story”. It tells an untold truth about the smeraldo flower’s tragic destruction. “There is a backstory that has not been recorded in the Smeraldo legend,” the post says.

The blog’s author, Testesso, revealed that the man who first grew the smeraldo flowers burned down his castle in Italy and all the flowers growing in the gardens there.

Jin in the “BTS Universe Story” game trailer | Netmarble/

The flames grew large enough to devour the castle, but the man did not run away, and he remained in the flower garden until the end, watching the last Smeraldo burn out.

— Flower Smeraldo

As villagers scrambled to extinguish the flames, which had spread to their homes, the man disappeared, never to be seen again. “A man who burned all the flowers with his hands and left an indelible scar on his face.” 

Jin in BTS’s “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV | Big Hit Labels/
Jin in BTS’s “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV | Big Hit Labels/

“Where was the man leaving town to go to? Was there a purpose? Why was he making an unknown expression?” The blog poses these questions for fans to analyze.

The post ends with another hint that sounds somewhat ominous; “It is said that it will be hot tomorrow, but everyone is careful with the heat.” Is another fire going to ignite the smeraldo flowers?

One day, all these questions will hopefully be answered, but until then, why not check out these real-life mysteries?

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