BTS Hilariously Almost Forgot How Old Jungkook Was, Until He Cemented His “Gen Z” Status

He is a true 97′ liner!

It seems like people nowadays are crazy about classifying everyone into a certain category. In particular, a lot of focus is on K-Pop idols classed as “Gen Z.” These are people born between 1997 and 2012.

One of the idols most known for his status as part of this group is BTS‘s maknae Jungkook! It seems as if there is no end to evidence showcasing why he is definitely a “Gen Z,” and it was very clear during the latest Run BTS!

During the latest episode of Run BTS!, the staff thought that the members deserved a proper break. BTS would be going on a staycation in a hotel, but the catch was that they would be in separate rooms and could only communicate through video calls. 


After testing the member’s pitch and knowledge of proverbs, it was time to see how well they knew their slang. With Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, and Jin sitting this one out, it was up to the remaining members to have a try and guess the word’s meaning.


The first word was “Bak Bak,” and Jimin, V, and Suga seemed to struggle immediately, and it looked like they hadn’t actually heard of the word before!


Jimin had some very witty answers, and even V tried to make it easier to get it correct, but none of them managed to find the answer. Yet, as expected, one person seemed to know straight away, and that was Jungkook!

However, V wasn’t going to let the maknae take away his thunder. Surprisingly, V got the answer correct, saying it was “Awesome, Awesome.”


The next one was even harder and, even with Jimin’s attempt at an essay, it wasn’t right. But, once again, Jungkook seemed to know the answer, miming it to the producers behind the member’s backs.


In the end, Jungkook had to give his members a hint saying, “All of us really like it,” pointing to the fact it was chicken. All of the members seemed shocked that he knew it again until Jin and RM remembered that he was born in 1997 and had much more slang knowledge.


In fact, it seems like the members actually forgot that Jungkook is the only member of the group counted as “Gen Z,” with the other members being born between 1992 and 1995.


As the round went on, it seemed as if the members struggled. Yet, Jungkook found all of them so easy! Luckily for the group, Jungkook had already won a game at the start of the episode.

Yet, it is funny to see that the members forgot how young Jungkook is, maybe because of his maturity and experience in the K-Pop industry! You can read more about the latest episode below!

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Source: VLIVE